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Food and Beverage Meet Family

The namesake and concept is inspired by the Akly brother’s grandmother, Zakia. The dishes featured are heavily inspired by family recipes and are similar to plates that the brothers grew up loving. Executive Chef Michael Schorn, in collaboration with Ian Winslade, have updated those classic recipes with a modern interpretation.  Together, they have brough the bright, fresh flavors of Lebanese cuisine to Atlanta. Featuring dishes such as Stuffed Grape Leaves, Grilled Quail, Fried Kibbeh, Labneh and a selection of kabobs, every option will be reminiscent of modern Lebanese fare.   


"I am really excited to dive back into the flavors of the Eastern Mediterranean that I experienced early in my career and expand upon that while bringing out the deep, rich Lebanese culture and drawing inspiration from meals the Akly’s grandmother made for them growing up that have been passed down from generation to generation," says Chef Ian Winslade.

Zakia-Atlanta-Ian Winslade--54.jpg

Tony Akly of Restaurants Consulting Group uses his years of experience to create a one of a kind space blending elements of classic and modern Middle Eastern design. The 6,000-square-foot space seats more than 200 guests across the dining room, bar/lounge, and multiple private dining areas, including a second-floor private room. An open kitchen provides views of a pita oven, while the glass restaurant wall can open to bring the outside in. The bright, open, and airy design brings the Mediterranean to the heart of Atlanta.

A Dining Destination

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